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Lelung Rinpoche at Tibet House, New York

As part of a long-term programme at Tibet House, New York, to further H. H. the Dalai Lama’s contemporary world initiatives, Lelung Rinpoche has been invited by Robert Thurman to give a talk on Friday, 24 May.

H. H. Dalai Lama’s “Force for Good” Continuation: Buddhist Scientific, Ethical, and Psychological Education
 - UNIT 7 - Lelung Rinpoche and Robert Thurman | 5/24/2019; 7-9PM
In the evening talk on May 24, 7-9, Lelung Tulku Rinpoche and Prof. Thurman will discuss the Lama (guru) relationship in the setting of tantric practice. 

On Saturday morning, Lelung Rinpoche will confer the Vajrapani initiation and teaching in the morning, and in the afternoon Rinpoche and Professor Thurman will discuss the famous dialogue between the first Lelung, Lhodrak Namkha Gyaltsen as Vajrapani and Tsong Khapa as Manjushri, as recorded in the Essence of Nectar dialogue about practice and life in the context of the activities of Vajrapani, in partnership with Avalokiteshvara, incarnation of all-buddha universal compassion, and Mañjushri incarnating all-buddha transcendent wisdom.