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On the evening of the 5th February the Lelung Dharma Centre in Eastcote hosted a celebration for the New Year, known as Losar in Tibetan.

Lelung Rinpoche lead some prayers and chanting for the coming year and also made a Torma offering to Palden Lhamo.


Shide Peace Centre Project

A place to bring people together

"The Buddha taught that all the sentient beings are equal and we should not harm one another, no matter our background or religion. He went even further to say that we must extend our compassion even if someone hates us."

- Lelung Rinpoche


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Lelung Lineage

The previous incarnations of Lelung Rinpoche, also known as Jedrung Tulkus, have played an important role in the history of Tibet and especially in the development of Buddhism. The lineage of Jedrung Tulkus began with the great master adept Lhodrag Namkha Gyaltsen whose direct disciples included the master Je Tsongkhapa, founder of the Gelungpa school of Tibetan Buddhism.



Lelung Rinpoche is a regular visitor to Mongolia, a country with which his predecessors have had a connection for 300 years.  Every year Rinpoche is invited to give teachings and talks to Buddhists and Non-Buddhists alike