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Mindrolling, India - Garwang Tojay-chenpo, Lord of the Dance

During March and April this year H.E. 11th Lelung Rinpoche received Garwang Tojay-chenpo teachings at Mindrolling Monastery, India and then undertook a one month retreat in order to become closer to Garwang Tojay-chenpo.  

When he came out of retreat Rinpoche undertook several days of ceremonies and offerings similar to those shown in this film.

Garwang Tojay-chenpo, Lord of the Dance
Filmed in 1989, the video below is of the remarkable spiritual teacher, Trulshik Rinpoche.

Garwang Tojay-chenpo, Lord of the Dance, is a form of Avalokiteshvara. His consort is Sangwa Yeshe (Secret Wisdom Mother).  

According to the cultural history of Buddhism, the infinite emanation Buddha manifested as Avalokiteshvara to tame male beings, Khandro Sangwa Yeshe to tame female beings and Hayagriva to tame wrathful beings. The teachings of Khandro Sangwa Yeshe were bestowed upon King Trisongdetsun, Khadro Yeshe Tsogyal and the great translator Vairocana by Padmasambhava and were later hidden in the secret places of Tibet.

When the time was right, the teachings were revealed by the great tertön Mingling Choje Terdak Lingpa. It was prophesied by Guru Padmasambhava that LelungZhepai Dorje would be the lineage holder of this great treasure of Secret Exalted Wisdom Dharma (gSang wa Yesh es kyi chos ‘khor), which would greatly benefit many sentient beings during this degenerate age. The wheel of this cycle of teaching was turned throughout Tibet and the great adept, the Fifth Lelung Rinpoche, compiled the teachings into sixteen volumes.

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