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Geden Pacho Bucho conference in January 2008

Geden Pacho Bucho conference in January 2008

The Geden Phacho Bhucho Preservation Centre organised a conference on 4th January 2008 while His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited Drepung Monastery In South India. The event was attended by highly respected masters from the Gelug lineage who came together to discuss the preservation of the Buddhist teachings for future generations. This is the second such event organised by the Centre, which coordinates an international project to protect endangered teaching lineages.

The latest conference was carried out with help from Professor Samdhong Rinpoche, Prime Minister of the Tibetan Government in Exile, who attended to show his support. Present at the event were Jangtse Choje Rinpoche and Sharpa Choje Rinpoche, who hold two of the most esteemed spiritual positions in the Gelug Tradition, as well as Denma Locho Rinpoche, Dhakpa Tritul Rinpoche, Khyongla Rato Rinpoche, Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Other important lamas including the abbots of the four major Gelugpa monasteries (Drepung, Sera, Ganden, and Tashi Lhunpo). The current and former abbots of and Gyutoe, Gyumey, and Rato Monastery also participated along with many younger tulkus. Hundreds of monks and lay observers turned up too.

The conference programme covered the following topics:

  • How to pass on those endangered teachings which have so far been identified by the Geden Phacho Bhucho Preservation Centre (GPBPC). These teachings are held not only with lamas in India, but also individuals in many different countries.
  • Recruitment of reliable staff in the Dharamsala office who can help increase the speed of the work.
  • Profile of individuals who will be asked to travel to different countries to receive the teachings from lamas residing there.
  • Possible solutions and suggestions from the attendees to ease the funding crises currently facing the Geden Phacho Bhucho Preservation Centre.

To open the conference, Professor Samdhong Rinpoche, Jangtse Choje Rinpoche and Sharpa Choje Rinpoche all spoke movingly. The floor was then opened up for discussion. Everyone used the time well and shared their opinions. The outcome of the conference was extremely positive. A number of lamas volunteered to help with finding the texts which we are not available in India. Others pledged their support for the teachings GPBPC will organise. Most importantly, participants said they will assist the work of the GPBPC in any form.

The entire proceedings were transcribed in writing by Ven. Geshe Beri Jikmey. A cameraman also filmed the event and a DVD is available. If you would like a copy (even a rough cut) please email us. We are happy to provide the DVD at-cost (including shipping) to anyone interested. You can also see video excerpts on our website.

Following the conference, GPBPC director Lelung Rinpoche invited lamas and contributors for tea at the meeting hall above the new Loseling prayer hall. Although it was not well-attended, we received a large number of donations. (A full financial statement is available on this website.) In addition, Lelung Rinpoche and his staff visited many older lamas with the happy result that GPBPC is planning more rare teaching transmissions for the younger generation. These will be announced shortly. Watch our website for details.